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In early 2010, four musicians among the finests in the country, decided to form a group which would perform the music of the leading Sixties band : The Who

Rudy Lenners is a former Scorpions drummer, Alain Pire, a guitar virtuoso, who played with many belgian top acts, Jack Thysen, a fantastic bass player and Philippe Coibion on vocals devote most of their free time

to restore the magic of The Who

ENERGY and FUN is their motto !

Don't miss the opportunity to book this band !

Update: 31/12/2015

.: About the band...

hgfhRudy Lenners

Drummer of the band, is best known for having played with the German group The Scorpions. He played on the following albums : ' In Trance ',' Virgin Killer ' and 'Tokyo Tapes', giving him the opportunity to tour around the Globe with the band. Afterward, he started a fruitful studio producer career and collaborated, among many others,with Steelover and Substitute. He's also a successful drum teacher and is still regularly invited for the reunion-concerts that Scorpions plays throughout Europe.

gfdgAlain Pire

Alain Pire has been on the music scene for almost four decades. He played with acts like Jo Lemaire + Flouze, Ladies sing the Blues (with BJ Scott and Dani Klein), Such a Noise, Huy!, Michel Drucker Expérience and finally Alain Pire Experience.





tgPhilippe Coibion

A dynamic and very entertaining singer, with a powerful voice and a lot of charisma !





hgfhJack Thysen

A solid bass player with a lengthy career, and a true fan of John Entwhistle !.